SAF International is one of the well renowned names in the field of filtration products supplies and solution. We are in this business since 1980 to provide qualified services to our customers for a cleaner and better air filtration required for their industrial machineries and environmental need. We supply filters for industrial gas turbines air intake systems, high efficiency air ingestion systems, pharmaceuticals clean room environment, commercial building and civil aviation requirement. Apart from air filtration business we also provide liquid fuel and gas fuel filtration products to our customers. Our clientele base include Power Plants, Oil and Gas Sectors, Oil Refining Sectors, Petrochemical Industries, Fertilizers, Cement Production Plants, Pharmaceuticals Sectors, Fiber Production Industries, Textile Mills, Civil Aviation Authorities and Commercial Buildings. Our quality business in this field of is our wide range of installations at our customer’s site with quite a satisfactory operation of their relevant systems. We take such kind of responsibility as a part of our lengthy experience and can lead any kind of project from perception to completion0.

SAF International has an applicable experience in this field of business and has executed a number of projects for the supply of rotating machineries spare parts and total equipments to its customers located in field of Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizers and Process Industries. These rotating machineries/equipments including heavy industrial gas turbines, aeroderivative gas turbines, light industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, gas compressors, air compressors, heavy industrial pumps, motors and more from this category. SAF International is quite capable to supply spare parts and equipments from the world renowned OEM just like Siemens, GE, Alstom, Demag, ABB, Rolls Royce, Solar, Vericor, Ruston, Caterpillar, Ebara, Sunstrand, Dresser-Rand, IngerSoll-Rand, Fiat Avio, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sulzer, Thomassen and many other companies of repute. Our supplied parts are delivered with certain warranty parameters after installation. SAF International also provide arrangement of inhouse/onsite spares stock management.

Power Generation, Oil and Gas production & distribution, Petrochemical processing, fertilizers productions and gas turbine marine propulsion – These are the typical areas where high value critical rotating machinery is employed for the maximum output of running industry. Safety has always been a major issue and protection systems including vibration parameters are frequently mandatory.
SAF International arranges a total system integration by bringing advanced condition monitoring and protection system into a plant wide control plate form and these integration lead a system to avoid of costly unexpected down time and reduced maintenance and operation cost.
SAF International does provide total condition monitoring systems installation, spare parts after sales, consultancies and field engineering.

Being an authorized sales and services agent of UOP, SAF International is qualified and trustworthy bridge between customers and UOP to cater all of the requirements providing experienced solutions on a right time with an excellent product.
UOP has contributed processes and technology that have led to advances in such diverse industries as motor fuels, plastics, detergents, synthetic fibers and food preservatives.
Corporations, organizations, and manufacturers use our technology, products and services to develop and manufacture products used every day all over the world. We currently do business in more than 100 countries.
UOP's expertise extends from research and development to engineering to process technology to technical services to the manufacture and sale of adsorbents, catalysts, and specialty chemicals. We focus on delivering solutions that improve our customers' competitiveness. UOP Products range includes Catalyst, Services, Refinery Processing Technology, Petrochemical Processing Technology, Gas Processing, Adsorbents and Equipments.

SAF International has a wide range of procurement services for the supply of critical, none critical, stock items and emergency operation and maintenance replacement parts.
We are in the supply of such kind of O&M – Production parts since 1985 to our customers located in the field of Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Oil Refining Sectors, Fertilizers and Process Industries. SAF International scope of supply for this category include industrial fasteners, nut bolts, sealing/gaskets items, industrial sprays, operation chemicals, packing, industrial bearings, valves, mechanical seals, pipe/tube fittings, welding materials, electronic modules, electrical circuit breakers, safety equipments, electrical testing and calibration equipments, workshop tools, reverse osmosis water filtration equipments, cathode protection systems, rupture discs, transmitters, measuring gauges and the slow moving items for industrial purposes.

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